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How come when many citizens spoke on APFO, some County Council members were better listeners than others?

There will be another Council Work Session on Monday, October 23 at 4:30 pm in the George Howard Building. This time it will be devoted to discussion of proposed AMENDMENTS to the Adequate Public Facilities bill.  By copying the link you will see a summary chart as well as the actual amendments submitted.

Spend a moment with the chart. Analyze how many amendments were submitted by each Council Member and I think you will quickly see who listened and responded to the requests by citizens, the School Board, the Teacher’s union, etc……and who put developer interests above taxpayers.  [If you are not yet conversant in the initials:  JT= Jen Terrasa, District 3; CB=Calvin Ball, District 2; JW=Jon Weinstein, District 1; MKS= Mary Kay Sigaty, District 4; GF=Greg Fox, District 5; AK=Allan Kittleman, Co. Exec.]

You can read and analyze the proposed amendments in their entirety.  If you have some ideas for amendments to amendments please share them with your Council Member ASAP.  Watch the Worksession at if you are unable to attend in person.  If you do plan to attend just beware:  the session is once again scheduled to be held in the limited seating of the C. Vernon Gray Room.

Examine who is responsive to citizen testimony and who is ‘just above it all’ when you listen to the Work Session conversation and debate on the 23rd — and meet me on the high road,