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How come people are driving more and more like terrorists-in-training in HoCo?  Is it the rapid pace of life? Distractions? Drug or alcohol abuse?

I can’t define the cause of the clearly deteriorating driving skills I see regularly.  I can’t explain the increased “traffic laws are optional” mindset of drivers.  All I can do is report what I’ve seen— and caution you to be alert every minute— whether you are in a car, on a bike, or on foot.

Greater sharing of our roadways by vehicles and bikes is something to which we are adjusting. But who thinks that opens the door to the sharing of sidewalks by vehicles???

To have observed these two occurrences in two days is enough to make one take up residency under one’s bed.  This weekend I observed the aftermath of a truck which had clearly been traveling along the sidewalk on the south side of Gorman Road just east of the Savage Library.  As these photos clearly show a vehicle plowed down the bicycle lane sign between the road and sidewalk.  From the vehicle debris left behind on the sidewalk and in the roadway for a quarter mile, it was clearly a Ford pick-up of some variety.  One can only hope that the sign and vehicle were the only things damaged at this location so close to an RTA bus stop and the library.




On Monday afternoon while turning right onto Guilford Road from the King’s Contrivance Village Center I witnessed a truly unbelievable site—-a car driving down the sidewalk toward Hammond High!  They eventually rejoined the roadway at a curb cut and went on their way.  Thank goodness schools were closed on Monday!  I only wish my dash cam had been able to catch their license plate……


Are folks in other parts of the County also seeing this kind of reckless behavior?

Be ever vigilant of the increasing dangers which surround us as we become more urbanized—and meet me on the high road,