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How come so much time has past since information about the HoCo sheriff’s wrongdoings first emerged?

On April 3, 2016 I posted “Howard County is Unraveling, Coming Apart at the Seams” in which I exposed offenses of the HoCo Sheriff–specifically that he wasn’t our legal sheriff as he’d

  • not taken the oath of office (as required)
  • claimed Howard County residency (as required) while receiving the homestead tax credit for his primary residence near Ocean City.

More than 5 months have past and only now is a light being shined on Mr. Fitzgerald’s additional offenses. Thankfully his racist, sexist and anti-Semitic comments may at last be what bring him down. Thankfully our Community will not tolerate such behavior, behavior which regrettably was more common a half century ago.

Not unlike Al Capone being brought down for tax evasion, Mr. Fitzgerald’s censure for bullying and intimidation may be a ‘cover’ for numerous other offenses.    Please read the April post. Then come back later today for more background, my observations on more-than-enough-complicity to go around, and coverage of today’s rally at the Court House.

Keep your eyes and mind open to the unraveling—and meet me on the high road,