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There have been numerous suggestions for improving school safety as a result of the Parkland, FL tragedy.  These range from installing bulletproof glass, double lock vestibules, and metal detectors at school entrances– to more regular emergency drills where students practice sheltering-in-place in classrooms, lavatories, and closets.

Unfortunately NONE of those suggestions will protect the Howard County students who receive instruction in thin-walled trailers behind school buildings.  These foundationless trailers are without the protection of brick and mortar, vestibules, bathrooms, or closets.

When will we address the need to eliminate the approximately 240 such ‘classrooms’ in use here in HoCo today? According to the 2019 proposed capital budget an additional $2.5 million is to be allocated for additional purchase and moving of “relocatables.” How come there is NO plan in place to eliminate the use of trailers as the solution to school overcrowding in the short OR long term.  The time for such a plan is NOW!

In a jurisdiction which espouses equality as a core value, where is the outcry to increase developer’s fees and excise taxes to provide adequate school facilities for ALL our students?  Oh wait.  There was an outcry during the recent Adequate Public Facilities debate. But some chose not to listen. Remember, they chose developer profits over children’s safety.

Speak up for ALL of the children—and meet me on the high road,