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I certainly enjoyed a welcome break for the last five weeks. I took advantage of the lack of HoCo legislative activity to step back for rest and renewal.  (Granted, I DID attend the Installation of our new Executive and Council members, testify at two Listening Sessions and the budget hearing, and attempt to testify before the Board of Appeals; but that seemed child’s play compared to the rigors of Council legislative sessions or Planning Board meetings.)  Before I jump into complete HoCo-immersion-activism-mode again I decided to ease in by reviewing some previous postings and stats.

Listed below for your re-reading or reading pleasure are my top five most- read posts from 2018. You may find they also help YOU to gear back up for the excitement of addressing some of HoCo’s top issues. The election may be behind us, but the issues remain……

Resolve to be an active participant in 2019—and meet me on the high road,


#1.  From Sept. 10, 2018

#2.  From July 6, 2018

#3.  From Nov. 26, 2018

#4.  From Sept. 1, 2018

#5. From April 4, 2018