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Some photos and comments from this morning:

The public was invited to watch the recount of votes today in the District 1 Council race  where Liz Walsh had been leading incumbent Jon Weinstein by just 2 votes. Several dozen citizens walked through this entrance to the Board of Elections’ warehouse to witness history in the making.


Seven and eleven are often considered lucky numbers.  On today’s date 7/11, it was indeed a lucky outcome for Liz Walsh and her supporters.  Ultimately, the final total after the recount was 3,175 for newcomer Walsh to 3,169 for Weinstein, a margin of just 6 votes. The recount process was run efficiently and smoothly and was complimented upon by the State Board of Elections.


After the recount was complete, Walsh was surrounded by her team of campaigners and supporters, their big smiles prominently displayed. Many agree that over development was a key issue in the campaign. If anyone doubted that EVERY vote counts, there is much to be learned from this race!  Hopefully it will signal a great turnout in November.



How will the event be remembered by those in attendance?  Scientific studies show that our olfactory sense is key in triggering memories.  Pizza just might be the “smell of victory.”  Anticipating a long full day of counting, the Board of elections had ordered numerous pizzas to provide lunch for all of the workers involved. They generously shared lunch as well as gallons of coffee, energy drinks, and donuts with citizens, proving that it is good to participate in the democratic process.  Arduous campaigning is clearly fueled by caffeine, sugar, and carbs, right to the final count.

indulge in whatever it takes to keep YOUR energy up to be an active participant in our November elections (perhaps a belief that change for the better can happen will be sufficient)–and meet me on the high road,